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Thinking about your home then it’s completely your decision that you want to buy a flat or you want to stay in a rented house. Other thing is depend on the jobs also because if someone is in army so they need to shift their home as per their location. It is very hard for them to stay at one place.

Move easily

If you are living in renting house so it will easy for you to relocate to another place where your job is transfer or you want to stay in other city or other country but it’s your own home then it will quite difficult to go anywhere.

Sharing is easier

While living in rented house sometime it’s possible that you are not compatible with your partner so in that case you can change your partner because if you are sharing your rent so it will not burden you alone.

It’s hard to sell a house

Sometime what happen because of job transfer or any kind of requirement you need to change your home, if you are in rent then there is no issue but if you have your own home it will hard to sell a house at immediate basis.

It’s less expensive

Rented house is less expensive sometime that why people are moving to take a flat on rent accepts buy flat. We all know about the property rates are so much high it is not possible for all to buy a 2 bhk, 3bhk flat in a good society but they can pay rent and can live a modern lifestyle.

How to decide what right for you

Buy a flat is not an easy decision because of the cost and also customer needs to know all about the nearby market and about the price rate upcoming project of that place, activities, about the security system, then only anyone can buy a flat.




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