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In the metro city space is the bigger issue. Peoples are not getting proper space to decorate their home, we are serving you some basic tips which you can follow to look your small dining room to be larger.

Use mirror in your living room

You can use mirror to look your room larger because when you see out from the mirror its look like the outer part is also inside the room and also it gives an awesome look to your room.

Use white colour

While styling your home use white colour to look your room larger as compare to the previous look. It will also give a space to your dining room. You can also use the different colour with white to give the new texture of your room.

Keep the window open for light

If you will keep the window open then because of the light your room will look large. You can also use the above suggestion which we already inform you about the same.

Keep it cozy

If your room is small so you can give it a cozy feel where in a small room all family member can sit together and enjoy the movie with dinner. It will give you the family feel.

Use low seating

While doing the makeover of the room you can use the low seating couch and a small table it will give you a new look and the new energy to your room

Use light colour for your furniture

Now last but not the least you can also use light colour furniture to give the space to your room. You can also do the patrician of your room by the curtain that will also give a new look if the curtain are of different colour.

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